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Broadford, Isle of Skye
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Elgol on the Isle of Skye - A Place of Outstanding Highland Beauty

Well Worth the Drive!

Though you may never have heard of the little fishing and crofting village of Elgol in the Scottish Highlands, there is a good chance that you have seen photos of Elgol's famous mountain and seascape scenery in postcards, Scottish books and even film scenes and television programmes. From the larger Skye village of Broadford many visitors have turned down the enchanting Elgol road completely unaware of the magnificent scenes that await them around almost every corner. The 15 mile journey over twisty single-track roads will take you past High Pastures Cave, one of the most significant archaeological finds in the area, then sweep you around the corner to the ancient, historical site of Kilchrist church.

You will carry on (being careful of the sheep and Highland cows that roam freely on and off the road!) through Torrin where you will be greeted with a famous postcard view of Blaven, one of the best known mountains of the Cuillins. As you continue to drive around Loch Slapin where the local fishing boats anchor for shelter, beneath the shadow of Blaven, you will eventually rise over a little hill to catch your first glimpse of the sea and the islands that lie off Skye.

Elgol Village & the Mackinnons

Every mile you drive on your journey from Broadford to Elgol will fool you into thinking that the scenery simply cannot be bettered. However, you will be proved wrong when you arrive in Elgol and reach the shore and the little fishing harbour. There is simply nothing on earth to compare to the site of the Cuillin Hills beyond the Elgol shore - a breathtaking view whether it is sunny or stormy.

There are various opinions as to the meaning of the name, 'Elgol' (or Ealaghol in the native Gaelic, some suggesting 'The Noble Dale' and others 'The Weeping Swan' (folklore details the story of a Viking captain who perished when his longboat named 'The Swan' came to attack the people of Elgol). Chris & Fiona MacKinnon, the owners of Cnoc na Loch holiday cottage in Elgol are local to the village with Chris' family having lived in Elgol for generations.

Elgol is certainly a village of 'MacKinnons'! The parish of Strath in which Elgol is situated has been a MacKinnon stronghold for hundreds of years. The story of John MacKinnon ferrying Bonnie Prince Charlie to safety in a cave on Elgol's coast in July 1746 is famous worldwide, and John MacKinnon's descendent, Seumas MacKinnon, follows in his ancestors' footsteps still as he ferries visitors from Elgol to Loch Coruisk, set in the heart of the Cuillin Hills, in his boat, the Misty Isle.

Caves, Crafts & Ceilidhs!

Bonnie Prince Charlie's cave can still be visited today with easy access after a short walk from the Elgol jetty. The coastline is dotted with little caves but also hosts the notable Spar Cave with its famous collection of stalagmites and stalactites (though accessibility to Spar Cave is dependent on the tides).

Elgol has a very friendly and welcoming community and much to offer for those visiting the area. Despite being a small and remote village (with a population nearing 100) a huge fundraising effort lead to the building of a very well-equipped and well-used village hall in 1997. The hall is used for nursery school and play group, sporting events such as regular football and badminton training and matches, school activities, traditional Highland Ceilidhs, and lots more! One part of the hall is also used as the premises for a well-stocked local shop which is the hub of the village and where you will find pretty much anything you could need during your stay here, from regular groceries through to a selection of locally made arts and crafts.

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